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Horse Boots & Wraps

Polo Wraps

Toklat Polo WrapsPolo wraps are usually made from fleece material, and they are generally used to protect horses’ legs during exercise. They can be used as an alternative to boots. The wrap material is slightly stretchy, providing support to the tendons and ligaments. Polo wraps can be applied so they fit a wide range of horses and ponies, since they come in different lengths. They can be used to cover an injury, since they are soft enough that they won’t damage scar tissue or rub a wound. Shop polo wraps here.


Eskadron Climatex Training Polo BandagesTraining Bandages

Training bandages offer more support than polo wraps, and they are ideal for horses in work. These generally are more stretchy than a polo wrap. They help support the tendons and ligaments, and they can be applied a little more snugly than traditional polo wraps. Training bandages are best applied by an experienced professional, since if applied too tightly they can cause damage to the horse’s legs. Shop training bandages here.


Standing Wraps

Professional's Choice VenTECH Standing WrapsStanding wraps are less stretchy than polo wraps, and they are more supportive. Legs are generally wrapped in a two-step process in order to allow proper circulation throughout the leg. First the leg is wrapped in a cushioned wrap often referred to as a pillow wrap or a no-bow wrap. Next, the leg is wrapped in a standing wrap to provide support. Standing wraps can be used for injury, shipping, reduction of post work swelling, and more. Shop standing wraps and pillow wraps here.

Roma Pro-Tec Pony Open Front BootsOpen Front Boots

Open front boots are most often used on hunter and jumper horses. These boots are used primarily on the front legs, and they provide support to the tendons and ligaments while leaving the front of the leg open so that the horse can feel a knocked rail while jumping. Fetlock or ankle boots are sometimes used on the hind legs as well. These help protect the horse’s hind legs from interference and damage from hitting the legs together. Shop open front boots here. Shop fetlock boots here.

Splint Boots

Toklat Neoprene Front Splint BootsSplint boots, sometimes referred to as brushing boots, are one of the most versatile boots available. These boots can be used for riding, lunging, or turnout. Splint boots help protect the legs from interference and damage from hitting each other. They usually have three or four straps for adjustability and come in a variety of sizes and colors, as well as materials, the most common being neoprene or leather. They can be lined with foam or fleece for added protection. Shop splint boots here.

Woof Wear Cross Country BootsGalloping Boots

Galloping boots are similar to splint boots, although they offer more protection and are often worn on both the front and hind legs. Galloping boots protect the cannon bone and the pastern, whereas splint boots only protect the cannon bone. They are often worn while galloping or for riding cross country. Some galloping boots are made just for the front or hind legs, while others can be used for either. Shop galloping boots here.


Performance Boots

Professional's Choice VenTECH Elite Sports Medicine BootsPerformance boots are made of a ventilated neoprene material with a shock absorbing material in between the layers of neoprene. The ventilation properties of these boots make them breathable and allow heat and moisture to escape from the horse’s leg. Performance boots cover the entire cannon bone area, providing support to every structure of the leg. These boots support the fetlock and suspensory ligament with the added fetlock strap. Shop performance boots here.

Modern and Traditional Bell BootsBell Boots

Bell boots, sometimes referred to as overreach boots, protect the back of the pastern to prevent overreaching (when the hind end clips the front end). Bell boots are worn on horses while jumping, working in mud or other slippery surfaces, riding cross country, lunging, and occasionally for turnout and/or shipping. They are most commonly made of rubber, and they either slip over the hoof or open with Velcro or other fastenings. Shop bell boots here.

Roma Deluxe Travel BootsShipping Boots

Shipping boots protect the lower legs of a horse while travelling in a horse trailer. They start just below the knee or hock and end at the floor, protecting the cannon bone, tendons, fetlock, pastern, coronet, and heels of the horse while in transit. Shipping boots can be used for travel as a faster alternative to standing bandages and pillow wraps. Shop shipping boots here.



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