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Cure Cabin Fever

Cabin Fever hits at full force during this time of year. With limited daylight, chilling temperatures, and piles of snow and ice to contend with, it’s no wonder both you and your horse are stuck inside and restless. The Cheshire Horse is here to help you cure your case of Cabin Fever with these tips:

Lay the Groundwork for Spring

Better groundwork makes better riding come spring! You don’t need to have an indoor arena in order to make the most of your time spent with your horse.

Pamper your Pony (or Horse)

Give your horse a little extra love and attention during these less active months. Regular grooming improves the health of your horse’s skin and coat, gives you a chance to monitor your horse’s overall well-being, and strengthens your relationship.

Take Care of your Tack

Your saddle and bridle may not be getting as much use during the colder months, so what better time to do a thorough cleaning? Get out the grime that might have accumulated over the heavier riding seasons.

Horses Like Toys Too!

If your horse is stuck in his stall most of the day, consider providing some toys to keep him occupied. A wide variety of toys are on the market today, and there is something to keep just about any horse entertained while inside.

  • 2014-02-boredom-breakerLikit Boredom Breaker – The most challenging Likit toy yet! Helps prevent behavior problems such as weaving and cribbing.
  • Jolly Equine Tug – Sure to provide hours of fun and exercise for your horse, which will help reduce boredom and better the life of your horse.
  • Nose-It Slow Feeder Ball – Keep your horses happy and satisfied by focusing their attention on what’s inside the Nose-It ball.

Dream a Little

Pad of Paper & PenDuring these quiet, cold days of February, take advantage of the down time and create a game plan for 2014. Visualize how you’d like your barn, pasture, fencing, riding, etc. to look this year. What would it  all look like? Write it down! Determine how you will get there, and then take those steps to make it happen. Dream big, plan early, and execute to make 2014 your best year ever.


Take A Road Trip!

2014-02-the-cheshire-horseGet a group of riding buddies together and take a road trip to your favorite tack store. Save on gas by carpooling, and take advantage of each others’ experience to help you stock up on what you need – and want – for the coming months. In addition to an expansive inventory, The Cheshire Horse offers blanket cleaning, fence installation, saddle-fitting, saddle trials, engraving, and equipment rentals.

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