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Texas Adventures with Downunder Horsemanship: Part 2


The lush green grass at the Clinton Anderson Ranch in Stephenville, TX

Somewhere around Texarkana (yes, that really is a place), I lost track of the miles and hours we have traveled over the past three days. It’s all a giant blur of endless highways, countless truck stops, and poor food choices at gas stations. However, finally pulling into the driveway of Clinton Anderson’s Ranch in Stephenville, TX made it all entirely worth it.

It is hard to put into words just how beautiful the ranch truly is. The first glimpse you catch from the road is of the breathtaking indoor arena. To say that the building is absolutely massive is a bit of an understatement. Is is instantly easy to differentiate Clinton Anderson’s ranch from the surrounding fields because of the immaculate fence lines and perfectly lush, green grass. If you have ever been to Texas, you know that the words “lush grass” are not thrown around often. As you continue on toward the ranch, the large gateway comes into view, and that’s when the panic officially sets in. This is real!

Waylon and I got settled in at the ranch very quickly

Waylon and I got settled in at the ranch very quickly

Upon entering the ranch, we were almost instantly met by Jeff, a Clinton Anderson Downunder Horsemanship Certified Clinician, and he led me into the office to take care of some paperwork. We were then directed toward the runs, and clinicians Luke and Diego joined Jeff and me as we began unloading Waylon and all of our supplies. It was true Texas hospitality! They could not have been nicer. Apparently I have been hitting the Cocosoya, Marigold Spray, and Farrier’s Fix a little heavy though, because some good-natured jokes were directed at Waylon’s sparkly and show-ready appearance. Apparently working ranch horses don’t get gussied up for trailer rides?

Waylon at his very own Patience Pole at the Clinton Anderson Ranch

Waylon at his very own Patience Pole at the Clinton Anderson Ranch

The runs each contain an automatic waterer, a two-sided stall, and an adjoining tack and feed shed. There is also a Patience Pole at each run to tie your horse up after a training session. A few people had arrive already, but we were definitely one of the first arrivals. Waylon settled in nicely, and we took a quick tour around the amazing grounds. Did I mention how impressive this place is? The only things bigger than the indoor arena are the huge sandy outdoor ring and the out-of-this-world obstacle course.

Tomorrow marks Day One of the clinic! I can’t believe I am actually here. I will keep you updated on this crazy and exciting adventure, and I can’t wait to see where it takes us!

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The sun sets at the Clinton Anderson Ranch

The sun sets at the Clinton Anderson Ranch over three rows of runs for clinic participants’ horses




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