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What is ThinLine?

2015-02-ThinLine-PressureThinLine, made by Intrepid International, is an open cell foam which moves shock, weight, and heat laterally. ThinLine saddle pads apply less pressure to your horse’s back, which means increased comfort and better communication between horse and rider.

Unlike compression based foams, ThinLine never bottoms out. It warms to your horse’s body temperature during exercise, allowing it to mold to the horse’s body for a custom fit. At room temperature it returns to its original shape. It will mold again every day for every horse, providing them with a custom fit! The lifespan of a ThinLine basic pad is typically 7-10 years.

ThinLine protects your horse’s back without added bulk. With just a fraction of an inch, you can provide maximum shock absorption, allowing your horse to move more freely and you to sit closer and quieter.

The open cell technology of ThinLine can provide protection for much more than just your horse’s back! Various tack pieces are enhanced using ThinLine, including bridles, reins, halters, and girths. Shop our full selection of ThinLine products.

Enter for your chance to win a ThinLine half pad now through Friday, February 6th:

ThinLine Giveaway 01-29-15


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