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35 Years Young and Thriving on Purina

Prince after a bath this spring.

Prince after a bath this spring.

Meet Prince. He is thriving at 35 years old, thanks to the complete nutrition provided by Purina Equine Senior horse feed from The Cheshire Horse. As a senior citizen, Prince cannot chew hay anymore, so he relies on Purina Equine Senior feed three to four times a day. On occasion, he also enjoys bananas, cut carrots, apples, figs, dates, bread, watermelon, and hot mash!

2016-04-Purina-SeniorPurina Equine Senior gives you comfort knowing you are providing the best nutrition for your horse. It is the trusted original senior horse feed leading the way to ensure you and your horse enjoy more quality years together. Equine Senior is formulated to deliver complete balanced nutrition, including forage, to the aging horse with problems chewing and digesting feed due to older age. The unique Easy Soak Pellet technology makes it easy to chew, and is more digestible than whole grains, hay or pasture. Available in a 50lb bag.



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