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Farm Spotlight: Angel Meadow Farm


Angel Meadow Farm Fell Ponies is a family-run breeding and boarding facility located in Ballston Spa, NY. They do all of their shopping at The Cheshire Horse, and we are proud to support their farm. Anita Castricone of Angel Meadow Farm says, “The Cheshire Horse has quality merchandise and the most knowledgeable and friendly staff that can help you with all of your equine needs!”

2013-09-beauThe Fell Pony is a native British breed that was originally used as a packhorse. They excel at many disciplines and despite their small size can carry most any size rider.

At one time the ponies were on the endangered list. There are currently about 6,000 Fell Ponies worldwide and less than 450 in North America. Angel Meadow Farm is very fortunate to have five of these lovely ponies! They recently even acquired a stallion in their herd, Beau. Breeding services are available, and if interested please contact Anita at or on Facebook.


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