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Fall Horse Keeping Tips

Fall is the time to stow away warmer weather horse keeping supplies and pull out those for colder weather. Take care of these things before frigid temperatures, snow, and ice enter the equation. For the infographic click here.

2013-10-blanketBlankets & Sheets

Pack up fly apparel and pull out blankets, coolers, and sheets. Put them through the laundry and inspect them to see if anything needs repairing or replacing. Make sure everything is ready to go when the cold weather hits!

Heated Buckets

Bring out heated buckets and bucket and stock tank de-icers before temperatures go below freezing. Give all buckets a good scrub now before it’s too cold to do so. Keep your horse’s drinking water fresh and ice-free in even the most frigid conditions!

2013-10-nibblenetHay Supply

Make sure you have enough hay to keep your horse cozy and happy through the winter! Hay prices are higher during the colder months, and no one wants to lug hay through ice and snow, so stock up before the winter snow.

Seasonal Deworming

Consult your vet regarding your horse’s deworming plan. After the first frost, consider using a paste dewormer. Fecal tests can be helpful in determining the best deworming strategy for your horse.

2013-10-fencingCheck Fence Lines

Check fence lines to make sure everything is strong and secure enough to withstand the elements. Consider raising less sturdy fences up about 6 inches in order to account for snow accumulation throughout the winter.


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