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For each horse lover you meet, you’ll probably discover you’re meeting a dog lover as well! That’s why Absorbine has used their 120 years of experience in the animal care business to develop a new line of pet products with the same tender loving care they bring to their equine product lines. Horses and dogs have similar grooming challenges:

ShowSheen for Dogs


A longtime favorite grooming product for horses, ShowSheen products are now available to give your dogs the same silky sheen the equine product does.

ShowSheen Detangler & Conditioner brings the same ease to detangling your dog’s coat as it does your horse’s mane and tail. Just like ShowSheen repels dirt, dust, and stains from your horse’s coat, it does the same for your dog — leaving the dirt in the yard when they roll and making grooming time easier and more enjoyable for both of you. ShowSheen Bath in a Bottle makes bathing your dog as quick and easy as brushing your horse. This waterless shampoo cleans, conditions, deoderizes, and detangles with no water and no fuss. Enhanced with Vitamin E for a shiny coat. ShowSheen Stain Remover & Whitener helps get stubborn stains out, including grass stains, with Oxi-Eraser stain lifters. Enriched with panthenol, green tea, and natural fruit extracts to nourish your dog’s coat. Color-safe and bleach free. ShowSheen Hot Spot Spray soothes itchy hot spots due to scratches, insect bites, and other bacterial skin infections without burning or stinging your dog.

UltraShield for Dogs


You already know to use fly spray on your horses, but what about your dogs? They are prone to fly and tick bites as well.

UltraShield EX Flea & Tick Control kills and repels fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and lice in an easy-to-apply continuous spray. It provides 17-day waterproof protection, as well as sunscreens and coat conditioners. UltraShield Green Natural Fly Repellent repels and controls biting flies, mosquitoes, and gnats in an eco-safe formula with citronella, lemongrass, and cedar oils. UltraShield EX Carpet & Surface Spray provides protection from fleas, ticks, and lice on carpets and bedding for up to 14 days.


Absorbine guarantees customer satisfaction. If you are unsatisfied with a product, please reach out to the manufacturer, W.F. Young, on

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