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Blankets for Every Equine (and Animal!)

Every horse person knows that just like people, each horse is different. They are built differently, they behave differently, and they have different preferences. The Cheshire Horse can help you outfit your horses, no matter how individual their idiosyncrasies may be. We have blankets for growing horses, extra wide horses, the “Houdini” types that can wiggle their way out of anything, and even your backyard barn animals!

2014-10-FoalGrowing Horses & Other Animals

Blankets like the Horseware Amigo Foal Blanket offer an innovative adjustment system to allow the blanket to grow with your foal! Suitable for foals from birth, this Foal Blanket adjusts on the front and side to expand by up to 6 inches in length. This unique feature can be utilized not just for foals, but for calves, baby goats, and other young growing animals as well. The contoured belly arch and flap allow for a snug fit for any animal it outfits! This waterproof and breathable blanket features a 600 denier outer, 200 grams of acrylic fill, and a polyester lining, as well as reflective strips to ensure your little one is always easy to spot. We also offer the Horseware Goat Coat to keep your little buddy warm and comfortable!

2014-10-PonyPonies & Minis

Ponies and miniature horses are shaped differently from horses and foals, and they need blankets to reflect that. The most distinct difference to look for in blankets for ponies versus horses is the drop of the blanket — the length of the blanket over the horse’s barrel. If you put a horse blanket on a pony, the extra fabric around your horse’s barrel will obstruct the movement of his or her legs. We can outfit ponies in blankets sized just for them, including the Horze Happy-Go-Lucky line (pictured) and the Horseware Amigo Pony line. Another option is the Saxon 600D Standard Medium Turnout which comes in sizes 48″-84″. For minis, the Tough 1 line is a great option to consider.


Amigo XL Bravo 12Draft Horses

Just like ponies and minis, draft horses need blankets in special sizing as well. While a regular horse blanket will be too long for a pony, it will be too short for a draft horse — leaving their barrel exposed to the elements. To keep these gentle giants warm and protected, we recommend the Horseware Amigo XL line, which has a 20% longer drop than blankets sized for other horses. The XL line is designed with a draft horse’s larger proportions in mind, featuring a more generous neck and optimum dart placement. Double front closures, front leg arches, and cross surcingles. Lite, Medium, and Heavy turnouts and neck covers are available.


2014-10-WideNarrow & Wide Chested Horses

For horses with particularly wide chests, the Weatherbeeta Freestyle line is a great option. Pictured at left is the Weatherbeeta Freestyle 1200D Standard Lite Turnout, a great sheet for wide chested horses. For horses with particularly narrow chests, consider Curvon Baker Blankets. These are built for lighter, more thoroughbred type horses. In addition, Shires blankets offer increased adjustability at the front of the blanket in the chest area. You can also consider layering a shoulder guard under your horse’s blanket. This will protect your horse’s shoulders against blanket rub and provide additional warmth for the shoulders.


2014-10-Freestyle“Houdini” & Wrecker Horses

These horses need the ultimate in comfort and freedom of movement so that they will actually keep it on — and intact! A secure fit is key, as it will provide a challenge to even the smartest Houdinis to escape and the roughest Wreckers to destroy. It’s all about making sure that your horse has the best and longest lasting protection! The new Weatherbeeta Freestyle 1200D Detach-A-Neck Medium Turnout is a great option for these types of horse. Other long-lasting and tough blankets to consider for these types of horses are those from Bucas, and the Rambo line from Horseware.



2014-10-MeasuringMeasuring for a Blanket

No matter the type of horse — or other animal — proper fit is paramount for keeping the animal warm, dry, and happy. Do your homework before you set out to make a purchase! If you have other blankets available to try on your horse, do so, and take notes on their fit. Learn about proper blanket fit on our blog. It is also helpful to measure your horse or other animal to get a sense of the size he or she might take. Use a soft measuring tape to measure from point A at the center of the chest to point B at the center of the tail. Then subtract 4″ for a turnout blanket and 6″ for a stable rug. Learn how to properly measure for a hood or neck cover (sometimes called a combi-neck) on our blog.

While there is a great amount of variation in different horses’ builds, for a quicker size estimate you can use this chart based on your horse’s height:

Horse Height (hands)
Blanket Size
13.2-14.0 63″
14.0-14.2 66″
14.2-15.2 69″
15.2-16.0 72″
16.0-16.2 75″
16.2-17.0 78″
17.0-17.2 81″
17.2-18.0 84″
18.0 87″

2014-10-DogDog Blankets

Protect your pup too! We can outfit any dog for any weather, so get out and adventure with Fido, regardless of rain or snow. Correct sizing is just as important for dogs as it is for horses, so be sure to measure your dog before you set out to make a purchase. If you can, try some blankets on your dog before buying. The Hurtta Winter Jacket can be put on and taken off quickly, which makes it perfect for warming up active dogs’ muscles before or after activity. The Weatherbeeta Windbreaker 420D Fleece Lined Dog Coat and the Horseware Amigo Dog Blanket will also both keep your pup cozy and dry, and stylish too! Shop our full selection of Dog Clothing.


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