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Outfitting Your Dog Throughout the Year

Like horses, dogs need to be outfitted appropriately in order to remain active, healthy, and safe in all weather conditions. We asked how you outfit your dog to keep him or her as comfortable as possible throughout the year, and you answered! From a winter snowshoeing adventure to a refreshing mid-summer swim and everything in between, The Cheshire Horse can help you keep your pup happy and comfortable.

Rambo Dog BlanketTypes of Dog Clothing

Your horse likely owns at least one sheet and one blanket, possibly in addition to various weights or styles of blankets, a rain sheet, and/or a fly sheet as well. Just like your horse’s clothing is an investment in his or her well being, so is your dog’s! Correct sizing is just as important for dogs as it is for horses, so be sure to measure your dog before you set out to make a purchase.

A quality winter coat for your dog will provide thermal insulation and repel liquid and dirt. The Rambo Dog Blanket from Horseware (pictured) is waterproof and breathable with 200 thermobonded fibrefill and Velcro fastenings. The Winter Jacket from Hurtta is an efficient way of keeping the dog’s body temperature stable in cold weather. The Ultimate Warmer also from Hurtta provides extreme protection a step up from the Winter Jacket, featuring a high collar, protective front, and and long rear hem to protect your dog’s most important muscle groups.

Lightweight and warm dog clothing is excellent for milder winter walks and for layering in freezing conditions. The Microfleece Jumpsuit from Hurtta is especially suitable for dogs unaccustomed to wearing garments due to its flexible, lightweight, and unobtrusive nature. The Rambo Newmarket Fleece from Horseware is another excellent lightweight option. The Frost Jacket from Hurtta is slightly warmer, comparable to a technical soft shell jacket for people. This jacket replaces the valuable properties of fur that have been overlooked in the breeding of short-haired dogs.

Cash and Maui

“My Australian Shepherds, Cash (left) and Maui (right) have waterproof blankets for when it’s extremely cold and/or snowing. They love being with me out in the barn and will play frisbee for hours, but if my babies are going to be outside, they will wear their blankets, as my horses do!” -Rebecca L

¬†Waterproof apparel will keep your pet dry in wet conditions, preventing them from catching a chill, and reducing the time it takes to dry them off before coming indoors. The Packable Rain Poncho from RC Pet Products can be folded up in a carrying pouch right on your dog’s leash! It also offers leash access through a buttonhole.

Layering multiple garments will provide custom comfort for your individual dog. You might consider layering a rain garment over a winter coat on cold and wet days, or a pair of overalls with a winter coat for deep snow. The options are nearly limitless!

A life vest is a great investment to keep your dog safe if you ever take them swimming. The Life Jacket from Hurtta is designed for use in swimming, water rescue, rehabilitation, boating, and hunting.

Cooling garments can help lower your dog’s body temperature in extreme heat. The Cooling Coat and Cooling Vest from Hurtta make the heat more tolerable for your dog, especially while they’re active in the sun.

Slush Combat SuitPaws & Legs

Once you have your dog’s body covered, make sure their paws and legs are protected as well! Just like horses often require special winter shoes, dogs can benefit from some special attention paid to their lower extremities.

Topical paw treatments like Musher’s Secret protect your dog from salt and chemicals, ice buildup, snowballing, sand, hot pavement, and other rough terrain. Made from a blend of food-grade waxes, Musher’s Secret is a safe, non-toxic way to protect your dog’s paws year-round. Available in three convenient sizes.

Boots for your dog’s paws provide traction and protection in slippery conditions. The Sport PAWks and the Ultimate Trail Boots both from RC Pet Products fulfill these needs.

Elizabeth F

“When fur just isn’t enough! A reflective collar and a bright jacket keep our best friends visible – from the dog park to the trail!” -Elizabeth F

Dog clothing that provides leg protection should be considered for long-haired dogs to minimize the frequency of bathing, and for dogs with minimal fur to provide more complete body coverage. The Slush Combat Suit from Hurtta (pictured) is made of high performance waterproof fabric, which provides near full-body protection against water, mud, and dirt. This garment can also be layered with the Microfleece Jumpsuit for additional warmth.

Hurtta Reflective GearAccessories

Additional accessories can improve your dog’s overall well being.

High visibility reflective gear will help keep you and your dog safe 24/7, especially during the winter when daylight hours are limited. Visibility Vests from Hurtta and Dog Not Gone products provide high reflective body coverage without too much added warmth. Similarly, a reflective harness will keep your dog visible in low light conditions. The Reflective Parka from WeatherBeeta and the Rambo Reflective Dog Blanket from Horseware provide warmth, waterproofing, and reflectivity.



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