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Gear Up for Summer Adventures With Your Dog

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Hurtta Life Jacket

Adventurous pets deserve great gear to keep them going. Like horses, dogs need to be outfitted appropriately in order to remain active, healthy, and safe in all weather conditions. After this past record-breaking winter in New England, we are especially grateful to be outside enjoying the sunshine with our animals! From fetch in your favorite lake to hiking up mountains, The Cheshire Horse can help you and your pup plunge into summer.

Stay Afloat

Many dogs have been bred to swim and naturally enjoy water. For peace of mind while your pooch paddles through lakes and ponds this summer, invest in a life jacket. These garments are relatively low in cost, and the payoff is great knowing that your dog is safe while out in the open water. Many life jackets are fitted with a handle to guide the dog or lift them out of the water, should the need arise.

Fuel Up


Keep your dog hydrated during summer months.

Dogs need nourishment to keep them going. For day trips during the summer months, it’s important to bring along something to keep your dog hydrated. Products like the 2 In 1 Trail Bowl made by Canine Equipment hold food and then transform into a portable food dish and water bowl. With a bowl to drink out of, your dog is much more likely to drink the water he or she needs to stay properly hydrated.

Dogs deal with temperature regulation differently than humans. They don’t sweat (except minimally on the pads of their paws), they pant. Unlike sweating, panting doesn’t cause salt loss. Electrolytes for humans or horses replenish that sodium loss. In dogs, no sweat means no salt loss, which makes electrolyte supplementation unnecessary. In fact, extra sodium in the canine diet can actually be detrimental to their overall health. Save yourself some money on the doggy Gatorade, and instead encourage ample drinking of good old fashioned water throughout the year, and especially during the summertime.


TurboPUP provides a complete meal for your dog in a convenient portable bar.

For active dogs going on long summer excursions, lugging a big bag of kibble or multiple heavy cans of dog food is not exactly practical. TurboPUP complete meal bars make it easy for you to bring your four-legged sidekick on any adventure. These compact, lightweight, complete meal replacements weigh in at just 2.2oz each and are interchangeable with regular dog food. You may have seen them featured on the ABC television show, Shark Tank. With 250 nutritious calories per bar, TurboPUP bars are made using 100% American-sourced, human grade, all natural, grain-free premium ingredients. They are available in bacon or peanut butter flavors. A 30lb dog needs 480 calories per day, which is just under two compact meal bars per day.

You can also consider equipping your dog with a backpack to hold their own canine necessities for summer adventures.


Dog harnesses help you control your dog’s pulling and jumping, without causing choking like a traditional collar. A harness can be excellent for teaching your dog to heel during daily walks, and keeping your dog under control at the vet or dog park. Our dog harnesses are easy to put on, take off, and adjust.

A hands free leash can enable you to keep your well trained dog nearby while running, hiking, pushing a stroller, and more. Some, like the Hurtta Free Hand Leash, attach to your hand while still allowing full use of your hands. Others, like the PetSafe Hands Free Leash, attach as a belt so that your dog moves when you do.

Stay Calm

The ThunderShirt applies a gentle, constant pressure that has a dramatic calming effect for over 80% of dogs.

The ThunderShirt applies a gentle, constant pressure that has a dramatic calming effect.

Road trips, boat rides, summer storms, and firework festivities are just some of the stressors that can cause anxiety for your pet. The ThunderShirt applies a gentle, constant pressure that has a dramatic calming effect for over 80% of dogs, without the need for medication. It can eliminate or significantly reduce symptoms including excessive barking/whining, destructive chewing, severe shaking, panting, indoor elimination, destructive clawing, and even seizures. The ThunderShirt’s calming effects can also greatly reduce issues related to walking on the leash, reactivity, or just general hyperactivity and excitability. It is available in seven different sizes, to fit nearly any breed. The ThunderShirt is designed to be very adjustable to accommodate different dog shapes and still be easy to put on.

Pet Essences essential oils can help with a variety of stressful situations for pets. They can be used directly from the bottle or by diluting several drops of the stock concentrate in 1 oz. of water.

Wherever your summer takes you, remember to keep your pup cool, comfortable, and hydrated. Happy adventuring!

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