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How Carb-Heavy Is Your Pet’s Diet?

Dogs and cats are carnivores, as their ancestors were before them. Starting with their saliva and continuing through the digestive process, they do not easily digest processed foods that are packed with carbohydrates and fillers. In fact, a leading cause of obesity and diabetes in pets is a diet with too many carbohydrates. You can learn more about the nutritional needs of dogs and cats here.

Believe it or not, carbohydrate content is not actually disclosed on pet food packaging. So how do you know the carb content of your pet’s food? There’s an easy calculation you can make when comparing pet food labels.

  1. Add together protein + fat + water content
  2. Add 8 for estimated ash content
  3. Subtract that number from 100
  4. This is your carbohydrate content percentage!

Typically, the lower the carbohydrate content, the higher the protein content, and the higher quality the food.

In particular, overweight pets’ carbohydrate intake should be minimized in order to provide them with adequate nutrition while also restricting caloric intake. A great way to do this is with Fit & Trim Dog Food and Fit & Trim Cat Food from ORIJEN. This food has the lowest carbohydrate content available on the market. It is also low in fat, and it includes a unique blend of fiber from pumpkin, apples, and squash. It’s packed with nourishing meat protein from free-run poultry, wild-caught fish and nest-laid eggs delivered fresh or raw in WholePrey™ ratios.

All ORIJEN pet foods are formulated with biologically appropriate, fresh regional ingredients right here in the USA. No fillers such as synthetic vitamins or plant protein concentrates are ever added to any ORIJEN pet food. It’s made from whole food sources in order to ensure your pet gets maximum nutritional benefit. ORIJEN formulas include various different proteins (5-16 per bag!) so your pet benefits from multiple amino acid profiles. It’s also coated with a freeze-dried topper in order to make it taste irresistible to your pet.

We have the lowest prices available on ORIJEN Fit & Trim Dog and Cat Foods, to help your pet jump into spring in peak body condition. SHOP NOW >

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