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‘Tis the Season of Giving

Now through December 25, The Cheshire Horse is donating 10% of all online purchases to Draft Gratitude

Meet Kass, a 20 year old Percheron mare who came to Draft Gratitude in the fall of 2017. She first arrived with Chronic Progressive Lymphedema in her right hind leg, as well as Cushings disease. With medication, love, and attention from Draft Gratitude, this sweet girl is on now back the right track for a happy and comfortable retirement.

Aged farming horses who are no longer able to work are at high risk of being sent to kill shelters and auctions. In 2015, over 130,000 draft horses were auctioned off and shipped overseas to be slaughtered. What these hard-working horses deserve instead is to be given a chance to have a safe and comfortable ending.

Draft Gratitude, located in Southwestern New Hampshire, was founded to help provide working horses with a place to live out the rest of their lives with integrity. Rebecca Beaman Roy and her team of volunteers travel to auctions to try and rescue as many as they can. She says, “These horses have spent years working in harnesses, they have earned the right to a safe retirement. While we know we can’t save them all, we make a difference to the ones we can save.” When they find a horse they feel can be successfully rehabilitated, Draft Gratitude purchases them and brings them to the farm. They are provided with fresh water, nourishing hay and grain, and love and attention. The farrier comes in and checks their hooves, and the veterinarian comes in to check for injuries and illness. 

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On average, it costs Draft Gratitude $12 per day to care for each of their rescue horses. At this time, they are rehabilitating 13 horses, they and have re-homed or provided compassionate end of life care for over 40 horses. The Cheshire Horse has been proudly supporting this important work with recurring donations over the years since 2014. To help support these gentle giants this holiday season, The Cheshire Horse is donating 10% of all online purchases made from December 21 through December 25. 

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To learn more about Draft Gratitude and the work they do, or if you would like to make a direct donation, please visit their website at You can also visit them on Facebook to get the latest on the what’s happening in the barn.

The horses of Draft Gratitude thank you!


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