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Discover Winter With Wool

Owning a horse, there’s never an excuse to hide inside when the temps drop. Bulking up on warm clothing designed to keep you comfortable in the cold weather is the best way to enjoy the winter! Layering on natural fibers like wool can help you enjoy your winter riding while feeling at ease about wearing clothing that doesn’t contain any pollutants. There are wool and cotton garments out there that not only do their job keeping you warm but also keep our environment safe and clean.

Why Wool?

We carry apparel from manufacturers such as Janus and Engel that both pride their moral structure on providing beautiful materials and keeping the earth happy. They use maximum residue limits for substances deemed harmful to consumer health and the environment, and they monitor this at regular intervals with help from independent certified environmental laboratories and institutes. Not only do they provide environmentally conscious products, but you’ll feel better wearing clothing with no pollutants that are harmful to yourself or the environment. Built like your own personal thermos, it keeps you as warm or as cool as your body needs, no matter the weather. With both insulation and breathability, wool is a really smart fiber!

We believe in the power of wool to regulate your body temperature and allow you to get out and enjoy time with your animals. That’s why we provide an abundance of wool products in our stores and online.

You Two Make A Great Pair!

Heads, Shoulders…

Riding safety is always the top priority. Never forgo your head protection to opt for a warm hat. We suggest partnering a balaclava under your helmet, or using a helmet cover like the Exselle Winter Helmet Cozy for added warmth over your helmet. These types of layers are great at keeping both your ears and your neck warm, all while allowing you to wear your regular helmet in comfort. As an added bonus, opt for a merino wool balaclava, and the fabric’s moisture-wicking properties will keep you comfortable even when working up a sweat.

The Janus Wool Ladies’ Design Shirt is so soft and warm, it will quickly become a staple in your winter wardrobe. You’ll enjoy being able to focus on memorizing your jump course instead of an uncomfortable under layer. Afterward, reach for the Janus Women’s Wool Design Hat to cover up helmet hair. The wool does a great job at wicking moisture and regulating your body temperature as you cool down and untack.

Knees, Toes…

There’s nothing worse than going numb when you’re mid-canter. Fight off the brisk winter air with a dynamite combo. A great option for the cold outside is to suit up with wool leggings designed for not only for sports and leisure, but also for work. Layer your Janus Wool Leggings underneath a pair of Mountain Horse Polar Breeches to keep the warmth in and the cold out.

Frozen toes are any rider’s worst enemy when winter has set in. Wool socks paired with insulated boots will be your new best friends this winter! We understand that you need a sock that keeps your feet protected, without losing the essentials to get the job done. Combine Janus Wool Socks with Heat Holders Socks and Muck Arctic Ice Boots for the ultimate leg up against winter.

Ears, Fingers, and Nose!

There are many equestrian manufacturers that provide riders with protective winter apparel and accessories. Use a glove that has a grip on it all! The Roeckl Warwick and Whitehorse gloves are Cheshire Horse customer favorites. Made with wind resistant and waterproof synthetic suede, these gloves are a great addition for winter riding. Flexible, soft and most importantly warm, you’ll find it hard to take these gloves off!

Kids and Winter Riding

When you’re working your horse, it’s not uncommon to work up a sweat, even in chilly weather. Many children taking basic riding lessons will not work up that much heat, however, which means that they need added protection to avoid getting cold and wanting to head right back inside! Balaclavas and helmet cozy products are great for young equestrians riding in frigid temperatures. We carry a variety of balaclavas made specifically for children, so they will have a snug fit right under their helmet. Shop our selection of wool products for kids here.


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