The Warm Fuzzies: Properly Caring for Your Wool

When it comes to clothing for cold or unpredictable weather, wool reigns supreme. With its lightweight insulation, breathability, and warmth, it’s easy to see why this natural fiber remains a perennial favorite among outdoor enthusiasts and equestrians alike.

Wool is superior at regulating body temperature. This makes it great for outdoor athletes, or people who are active outdoors in various seasons, and is especially helpful for babies and children who cannot yet regulate their body temperature. Our clothing is 100% merino wool, making it itch-free and suitable for even the most sensitive skin. To learn all about the benefits of wool clothing in frigid temperatures and polar vortexes, learn how to Discover Winter with Wool on our blog.

In talking with our customers, a recurring reservation has surfaced. It seems as though wool carries of reputation of being notoriously difficult to care for. We are coming to you today to tell you that this simply isn’t the case! Armed with a bit of knowledge and the right tools, your wool clothing is as easy to wash as anything else in your closet.

Air Your Dirty Laundry

The easiest way to wash your wool, is, quite frankly, not to wash it at all! Pure wool, merino wool especially, contains antimicrobial properties which will allow you to go longer between washings. Simply hang your wool clothing to air dry and allow the marvelous natural fiber to work its magic.

Lanolin, a naturally occuring wax that helps sheep repel water, is the reason that wool has this unique cleaning and waterproof feature. Natural Lanolin will slowly deplete over time, so you can use a Lanolin soap (such as LANA Care Lanolin Soap) to add lanolin back into wool clothing.

Wash, Rinse, Repeat

Inevitably your wool clothing will need to be washed at some point. That’s not a problem at all! Utilizing the gentle or hand wash cycle on your washing machine makes cleaning a breeze. Use a wool-friendly soap such as Engel Wool Wash or Nikwax Wool Wash, which will moisturize the natural fibers while cleaning and deodorizing.

After washing, hang or lay your wool garments flat to dry. This prevents them from shrinking in the machine dryer. Extremely hot temperatures simply are not friendly to wool clothing. Keep your cozy favorites for years to come by helping them avoid high temperatures.

After many wears and washes, you will need to rejuvenate the wool’s natural protective oils and waxes. Lanolin helps keeps wool’s unique moisture absorbing properties in tact and also aids in its durability. In order to lanolize your wool garments, use a lanolin wash such as Engel Lanolin Wash. Lanolin washes do not to be applied after wear.

Forget All The Rules

Wool does require special care instructions, however there is one caveat to this… superwash wool. This wool has been blended with additional synthetic fibers to make it tough to wear out and easy to care for (this is a common material for wool socks). Simply throw clothing produced with superwash wool into your washing machine with your breeches, coats, and whatever ever laundry you have. After a warm wash and a spin through the dryer on low, its ready to go again!

The Janus Wool Design line is made from this workhorse fabric, making it an ideal choice for busy people who appreciate the convenience of being able to machine wash their wool clothing.

Wool is an incredibly versatile fabric that is becoming increasingly popular as people rediscover the value of this natural fiber. Both eco-conscious and comfortable, wool is worth the small amount of additional care required.

Are you ready to take the plunge into wool clothing? Check out our exclusive line of wool socks, undergarments, sweaters, outerwear, and so much more.

Please note: this is simply a guide to caring for your wool clothing. Refer to the care instructions on your particular garment to ensure that you are following all manufacturer’s recommendations.

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