2019 Western Fashion Trends

Hobby Horse Hadley Jacket

Put your best hoof forward when you jog into the show ring this year! You have spent countless hours in the saddle, putting the finishing touches on your ride, and now you and your trainer are planning out the competition season. As you begin to think about horse shows, it is also a great time to think about what you will be wearing.

Fashion trends are constantly evolving, so we have done the legwork for you. Whether you need a complete wardrobe overhaul or just need a few pieces to update your look, you will be show ring ready in no time at all.

Bold is Beautiful

Jewel tones are back and better than ever. These saturated colors are currently popular across all breeds, making them a versatile fashion choice. Couple bold colors with a bit of bling, and you have a winning look that will dazzle the judge.

Florals are also popular this year, with large graphic designs that look great from center ring. The Hobby Horse Mahana Tunic showcases large hibiscus flowers in deep jewel tones to capitalize on both trends.

Hobby Horse Mahana Tunic

This season, we are loving jackets and show blouses for women. Easy and convenient to wear, they compliment a number of different body shapes. The Hobby Horse Sunni Blouse and the Hobby Horse Nebula Blouse offer all-day comfort, with a tailored, flattering appearance. At their affordable price point, they allow you to change up your look throughout the horse show without a huge hit to your wallet.

If you ride a number of different horses, we suggest going with more neutral colors. The Hobby Horse Hadley Jacket features an intricate floral design, and it stands out well in a sea of colorful jackets.

For assistance in selecting the right color for you and your horse, the Hobby Horse Winning Colors Wheel is a great tool. It allows you to see which clothing colors may compliment your horse’s coat, and it lets you know which colors it would behoove you to steer clear of. Many of our customers find that it helps them venture outside of their comfort zone and find bright colors that they never expected to be able to wear.

Once you have an idea of the color and tone that you are interested in, a great exercise is to find a sheet or blanket of a similar color to drape over your horse, and have a friend or stablemate hold your horse. See how the color looks on your horse up close and from a distance under both natural and artificial light to understand how it will appear to the judge.

Successful Simplicity

We think that the perfect partner to a bold and colorful jacket is a pair of well-fitting, traditional chaps. Neutral colors are an excellent choice, allowing you to match a myriad of clothing options. Black and tan chaps help to elongate the rider’s leg, without drawing attention to any excess movement.

The Hobby Horse Simplicity Chaps continue to be a popular option. The innovative elastic inlay gives them a custom fit at an incredibly reasonable price. As an added benefit, they are machine washable, making it possible to have clean chaps after a long day at the horse show. Fitting like a glove for riders of various shapes and sizes, they help the rider’s leg to look long and lean in the saddle.

Top it Off

A clean and well-shaped Western hat is the finishing touch on any outfit. A felt hat with a cattleman’s crease is always a classic option, or you can give it a personalized touch with an adorned hat band. From simple designs to bold statements, hat bands can be as subtle or as loud as you want. Make sure that they coordinate with your shirt, with similar colors or bling effects.

Top off your look with a crisp Western hat

A good rule of thumb is to have a hat that matches your chaps and your gloves.

Ride for the Blue

The best outfit to wear this season is the one that makes you feel comfortable and confident in the saddle. Well-fitting clothing allows you to focus on your ride without worrying about your outfit, it also allows the judge to pay attention to you and your horse without focusing on fashion mishaps.

When it comes to Western fashion, fit is paramount. Fortunately, stretch fabrics have made it easier than ever for a tailored look without needing to buy expensive custom clothing. Be sure to measure yourself (better yet, enlist a helpful friend) and utilize brand size charts to ensure you are ordering the correct size, as they may vary from your typical street size.

At The Cheshire Horse, we know how important show season is to our customers, after all, we ride and compete ourselves! From helping you select a brand new outfit for the 2019 season to selecting a few pieces to update your wardrobe, we can help you put your best foot forward into the show ring. If you have any questions or would like assistance in your purchase, we invite you to reach out to our experienced and knowledgeable sales staff.

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