Steve’s Frozen Raw Food Review

As a pet owner and a foster parent for dogs, I know how important quality nutrition is to the health and well-being of my animals. That is why I feed a diet that contains Steve’s Pet Food. I have seen amazing changes and health benefits in my pets that I believe is due to the improved diet I am offering them.

My house has a steady flow of dogs coming and going, since I have been canine fostering for almost 20 years. Many of these dogs have become permanent fixtures in our home; some are older dogs, and many of them come to me with health struggles and rough years behind them. Feeding Steve’s Raw Frozen Food gives me the ability to easily serve human-grade ingredients that are completely free of hormones and antibiotics. Steve’s also maintains a strict 80:20 meat-to-veggie ratio; this raw diet of natural foods contains a balanced amount of protein and essential vitamins and minerals. The formula boosts your pet’s immunity while promoting strong bones, powerful muscles, and healthy organ function.

I feed my cats and dogs the Steve’s Raw Frozen Chicken Recipe Dog & Cat Food Nuggets. I love that I am giving my companions a food with great nutrition that they enjoy eating. Steve’s Raw Frozen Foods make it truly convenient to feed a raw food diet. The small nuggets pour easily out of the bag and make it straightforward to portion out each animal’s meal.  Every evening, I simply pour what I will need into a bowl and leave it in the refrigerator so it is ready the next morning. If I forget, I can just let it thaw on the counter in the morning for 30 minutes.

I have chosen to feed raw frozen food because it is easy to store in the freezer. It also adds moisture to the diet, which is so beneficial for pets, especially seniors or those with health issues. At our house, we feed raw food in the morning as a healthy way to boost their immune systems.

For me, the results of feeding Steve’s Raw Frozen Food have been very apparent. One of my cats was terribly wounded many years ago when he was accidentally shot. This past year, he started to suffer from severe urinary tract issues, which can be fatal for a male cat. I began feeding him Steve’s Raw Frozen Food twice a day, with added water for additional hydration. I’m happy to report that at this time, he is truly thriving (and enjoying life as an indoor cat!). We have also noticed many changes in the dogs; they are all bright-eyed, enthusiastic, and happy, with shiny coats. I highly recommend integrating quality raw foods into your pets’ diets.

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