Janus Wool Design Shirt Review

As someone who hates to be cold, but loves the outdoors and the winter months, I am always looking for insulating clothing to keep me warm without being bulky or making me sweaty. I found this in the Janus Women’s Wool Design Shirt. This versatile shirt has quickly become a staple in my wardrobe.

The lightweight wool long sleeve top is my go-to layering piece for fall, winter, and spring. I love wearing it to work, then transitioning to outdoor activities such as walking the dogs or working in the yard. The shirt is designed to be a slim fit, which is great for wearing under t-shirts, vests, and sweaters. I appreciate that the arms are long enough to not ride up when moving and working, and the torso is long enough to stay tucked in throughout the day despite my active lifestyle. The crew neck opening sits right above the collar bone and is forgiving, allowing it to stretch while putting the shirt on, yet it maintains its shape to stay flush against your skin for the perfect amount of warmth. 

Did I mention that this shirt looks great as well? It is a flattering way to combat the frigid temperatures of a New England winter. The patterned sleeves offer a touch of style to this classic wool design.

The wicking properties of the wool is extraordinarily helpful during the day with fluctuating temperatures. I can walk the dogs, shovel snow, and wear the shirt to work, all without overheating or breaking a sweat and then becoming wet and chilled!

Soft and lofty, this merino wool shirt is perfect for my sensitive skin. It is comfortable enough for all day wear, and I am pleased to report that it feels soft on my skin and is not at all itchy.

I tend to purchase clothing that is easy to clean and care for. This shirt certainly fits the bill. The durable Janus Wool Design Shirt is machine washable and can even be dried in the dryer at a low setting! Due to the unique properties of lanolin, the sweat and odors in the shirt dissipate after simply being hung overnight, allowing for multiple wears before it needs to be washed. The high-quality natural fiber holds its shape when worn multiple times in between washings and is wrinkle-resistant.

If you are looking for warmth and comfort from head to toe, I also highly recommend the Janus Wool Crew Socks for a lightweight wool sock that offers the same breathability and insulation.

From sleigh rides to snowshoeing, and everything in between, the Janus Wool Design Shirt is my top pick and go-to selection for every winter activity.

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