Equiderma Neem & Aloe Fly Spray for Static Control

In the winter months, static electricity seems to be a real problem for horse owners, especially if your horse wears blankets. When your horse moves, the blanket rubs against its fur, and this friction creates the static zap which can be alarming to both you and your horse.

Recently, I experienced static electricity for myself when I went to the barn as a part of my daily routine and greeted my Morgan mare, Tilly, by giving her a big hug. Unfortunately, I also shocked Tilly several times! I tried to apologize, but saying, “Sorry Tilly” just didn’t cut it – she was confused, temporarily offended, and slightly distrustful of me for a few moments.

Who could blame her? How do you explain static electricity to a horse? You don’t. Instead you figure out how to alleviate the problem. I started asking around to learn how other equestrians mitigate static electricity, especially in dry, cold weather. I received many helpful tips, but most of them involved liquid fabric softener. My horse is extremely sensitive to chemicals, so that suggestion made me wary. Instead, I decided to look around at the products we carry at The Cheshire Horse. 

Equiderma Neem & Aloe Fly Spray caught my eye. I had used it over the spring and summer months to repel flies and other biting insects with great results. It did not irritate her sensitive skin and kept her free of pesky flies. Thankfully, I still had a bit leftover from my summer bug regimen. 

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I decided to try it out prior to our first big snow storm of the season. After grooming Tilly, I thoroughly sprayed her with the Equiderma Neem & Aloe Fly Spray and ran a soft brush over her coat. After the spray had dried, I put on her new WeatherBeeta High Neck winter blanket. She wore the blanket for several days over the duration of the storm. I periodically stopped by the barn and lifted sections of the blanket to check on her. Amazingly there was no static, she was comfortable, and I no longer had the guilt of shocking her. 

Conditions and keeps coat silky smooth with the added bonus of acting as an anti-static spray during the winter months

Once the weather turned and I was able to remove her blanket, I took it off of her without incident. As an added surprise, her fluffy winter coat was silky soft due to the coat conditioning ingredients in the spray. Ever since I began using Equiderma Neem & Aloe Fly Spray during the cold weather, I have not had any additional static issues with my sensitive mare. Now I can hug Tilly to my heart’s content!

Made with all-natural ingredients, the eco-safe formula is gentle on your horse's sensitive skin

I cannot say enough about Equiderma Neem & Aloe Fly Spray. This all-natural spray is not only an effective fly spray and coat conditioner, it also eliminated static from my horse’s life. Did I mention that it smells great to boot? This extremely versatile equine spray has become a staple in my grooming regimen year-round.

Ability to stop the maturation of insect larvae, mating of adults, and the ability to swallow or feed
Kelly Conlan, Sales Associate

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