Reinsman Multi-Fit Trail Pad Review

The Reinsman Multi-Fit Trail Pad has been a real game changer for me and my mare Faith. I have had my mare for over 12 years and we have tried out a variety of disciplines, including barrel racing, reining, and cow work. Throughout our many adventures, she has always given me her full effort, so it is really up to me to keep her comfortable and happy.

Recently, I have begun to notice that her back has changed a bit and is beginning to drop. This slight swaying of her back caused the overall fit of my saddle to change, and I was having a difficult time finding a saddle fit solution. Faith was still measuring a Full Quarter Horse Bar (FQHB) tree but needed additional buildup in the front to balance out her changing shape. It was challenging to find riser pads, saddle pads, or other saddle fitting solutions for Western saddles that I thought would help.

When I came across the Reinsman Multi-Fit Trail Pad it felt like an “ah-ha” moment. I tried it on my mare with my saddle and it made such a difference in the overall fit! I love the option to adjust which shims you use, which allows you to customize the fit. I made sure to keep the extra shims that I am not using in the event I need to change up the support she needs again in response to her back continuing to change. It’s also great to have extra just in case I lose one.

The pad features a wool felt lining which I know will last through years of wear and tear, while helping to keep her back cool under saddle. A contoured back and additional wither relief were also requirements in my search; this Western pad checks both of those boxes as well. To jazz up our turnout at competitions and clinics, I can still put my favorite colored saddle blanket on top to make sure she is always looking her best. 

I would absolutely recommend this pad if you are struggling to get your saddle to fit just right, or if you have an older horse who is beginning to need additional support through their back. The Reinsman Multi-Fit Trail Pad has kept Faith comfortable and allows us to keep working toward our goals.

Four shim pockets allow multiple options to correct asymmetry and common conformation issues
The contour shape conforms to the horse's back, and added wither relief provides all-day comfort
Heavy oiled grain out leathers result in more resistance to cracking and drying out
Reinsman Multi-Fit Trail Pad

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