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A Step Ahead: The Benefits of Cosequin

In recent years, there has been a lot of talk about joint supplements. With the supplement market being so saturated with product options, it can be difficult to determine which joint supplement is the right one for your horse, dog, or cat.  One of the most popular joint supplements on The Cheshire Horse shelves is […]

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The Many Benefits of Fly Sheets

In the spring and summer months, mosquitoes, flies, and other biting insects can be more than a nuisance. In addition to their painful bites, they can carry potentially harmful diseases such as West Nile Virus (WNV) and Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE).  One of the best kept secrets of fly protection and summertime comfort are fly […]

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Redmond Equine Giveaway

Enter for your chance to win a Redmond Equine prize package! Red Edge PoulticeRedmond Equine – Distressed HatRedmond Equine Rock on a RopeRedmond Red Edge Goat MineralRedmond Daily Gold Quick Relief SyringesRedmond Daily Gold Stress ReliefRedmond Rein Water Thirst ReliefRedmond First Aid for Horses – Hydrated Bentonite ClayRedmond Real Salt ShakersRedmond Equine Red Rock Crushed […]

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Summer Trailering Precautions

As temperatures heat up, so do the competitions. Many equestrians find themselves trailering to an increased number of horse shows, clinics, events, lessons, and trail rides over the summer months. Trailering your horse in hot weather conditions requires an additional set of considerations. After all, overheating horses can’t hop in the truck with us and […]

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Deworming Decoded

As equestrians, we want our horses to be as happy and healthy as possible. In order for our horses to thrive, we provide them with ample amounts of clean water, high quality forage and grain, and work with a team of equine health care professionals like veterinarians, farriers, massage therapists, and chiropractors.  Another crucial piece […]

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The Effects of Poor Saddle Fit

Have you ever gone for a run in a pair of shoes that just don’t fit? Your toes banging up against the front, inadequate arch support, and blisters developing on your heels – your daily jog goes from pleasure to pain in a hurry. An ill-fitting pair of shoes does even more than cause discomfort […]

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