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Insect Control for the Trail Rider

Is there anything better than a leisurely hack through the woods with your horse? Many equestrians, regardless of their goals in the saddle, have found themselves enjoying a trail ride on many occasions. Whether you primarily trail ride or use it as a form of equine cross-training for the body and mind, you know that […]

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Beekeeping 101

When it comes to our food and flora, bees are essential! If you would like your garden to bloom with all its might, and have honey to drizzle on your yogurt or tea in the morning, then beekeeping is a great hobby to pursue. Bees are essential to the human race; without them, our food […]

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Chick Mom: Part I

Starting Down the Path of Raising a Flock I have always dreamed of having chickens, and just four short years ago I decided to make this dream a reality on a very small scale in a residential district. In speaking with our customers at The Cheshire Horse, I have quickly realized that many of us […]

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So Fresh! Successfully Storing Blankets

Spring is here! The birds are chirping, flowers are poking through the barren ground, and your horse is shedding. For equestrians, spring brings more time in the saddle. It also means that it’s time to pack up the winter blankets and say goodbye to them until the snows flies once more. Winter blankets are a […]

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The Warm Fuzzies: Properly Caring for Your Wool

When it comes to clothing for cold or unpredictable weather, wool reigns supreme. With its lightweight insulation, breathability, and warmth, it’s easy to see why this natural fiber remains a perennial favorite among outdoor enthusiasts and equestrians alike. Wool is superior at regulating body temperature. This makes it great for outdoor athletes, or people who […]

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Essentials for Raising Chicks, Poults, and Keets

Bringing home chicks is a very exciting time. When you have research and a proper setup on your side, it will make raising chicks an enjoyable experience. Whether you’re going to use them for backyard pets, eggs, meat, or show birds, we’ve outlined some guidelines for you to follow to ensure a successful housewarming for […]

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