A Bit Different: A Look at Bitless Bridles and Hackamores

There are two main ways that equestrians choose to ride their horses without a bit: with a hackamore or with a bitless bridle. These products are similar in that they allow you to control and communicate with your horse without a mouthpiece, however the similarities end there.

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2020 Chick Order Forms

The 2020 chick order forms are here! We’re currently accepting customer orders for live chicks. We offer the widest selection of breeds in the area, including standard and rare heritage and preservation chickens, as well as geese, ducks, turkeys, guinea hens, laying hens, broilers, and bantams.

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Winner's Circle

Dryshod Arctic Storm Women’s Winter Boot Review

The boots are supportive around the foot with good arch support, yet feel springy and lightweight. I joke that they feel like walking around on a cloud–which is saying something for a heavy-duty, waterproof boot! The flexible rubber outer material easily conforms to my ankle without creasing, and the extreme tread makes it a breeze to trudge through the snow and the mud.

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Take Our Survey for a Chance to Win $50

We would like to know what kind of information resonates most with you in email, on Facebook, on our blog, and more. We invite you to fill out our short survey here, in order to help us do that.

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