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Visit Us at the Equine Affaire Ohio

Visit our booths with Cosequin and with Omega Fields for great deals, fun gifts with purchase, and a chance to win a new pair of boots! All promotions are available for a limited time, for this event only. The Equine Affaire Ohio is going on Thursday-Sunday, April 7-10 at the Ohio Expo Center in Columbus, […]

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Health Benefits of Omega Fatty Acids

Many people already have a basic understanding that supplementing flax seed in their horse‚Äôs diet improves hair coat quality and appearance by providing essential fatty acids (omega-3 and omega-6) or essential fatty acids (EFAs). What many people don’t know are the benefits that flax seed provides in addition to making the hair coat show quality. […]

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Essential Omega Fatty Acids

Why all the talk about omega fatty acids lately? Unsure how to supplement your horse’s diet appropriately? An understanding of how omega-3 fatty acids function will help you determine the best diet for your horse. See the infographic here. What Are Omega Fatty Acids? Omega fatty acids are a form of polyunsaturated fat (fat molecules […]

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