Crochet Gloves

2 Results
2 Results

Crochet gloves are a perennial favorite among many equestrians, and with good reason. Combining the durability and grip of leather with the breathability and stretch of crocheted fabric, you will find yourself reaching for your pair repeatedly. Crochet gloves are the epitome of everyday gloves for many horseback riders and drivers.

From hunter/jumper riders and dressage riders to Western riders and trail riders, crochet gloves span disciplines in their popularity. Lightweight and economical, these traditional gloves are suitable for both schooling and pleasure riding. They are ideal for riding during the spring, summer, and fall.

The Cheshire Horse carries the best from SSG Gloves and Heritage, to provide our customers with a selection of these highly functional gloves. Perfect for riding, they give you a wonderful non-slip grip on the reins. They effortlessly handle light chores after you dismount, allowing you to clean stalls and sweep with avoiding blisters.

Are you ready to give crochet gloves a chance? Contact our friendly sales staff to help you select the right pair for your riding needs.