Schooling Helmets

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23 Results
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It's important to always protect your head, even if you're just schooling your horse. Choosing the right schooling helmet often comes down to a few deciding factors: price, fit, performance, and maintenance. For a helmet you use everyday, you're going to want a high-performing product that's durable, easy to clean, and maybe even adjustable. The Cheshire Horse offers a variety of schooling helmets that will keep you safe and meet your performance needs.

Whether you're a rider buying your first helmet, or a trainer trying to buy a few helmets for your clients to share, we carry classic schooling helmets from Troxel and Ovation. Troxel's Legacy, Liberty, and Spirit are affordable go-to helmets for younger riders who want a flashy school look, but who also might outgrow their helmet in a year or two. Ovation's Schooler and Protege helmets are also high-performing and budget-friendly helmets with a sporty style. The best thing about these options from Troxel and Ovation is the adjustable dial that comes on most helmet models - great for someone still growing or siblings sharing a helmet!

For the rider looking for innovative helmet technology, or maybe a helmet that can go easily from the practice ring to the show ring, The Cheshire Horse also carries schooling helmets from Tipperary, One K, and Charles Owen. The Tipperary Sportage Helmet and the One K Defender Helmet are sporty and highly protective helmets great for schooling or trail rides.

Looking for a show-quality helmet? Visit our Show Helmet page for some excellent options, or come into our store to get a fitting by one of our knowledgeable staff.