Trail & Western Helmets

3 Results
3 Results
$61.95 - $64.95

Ride off into the sunset with our stylish selection of trail and Western helmets. At The Cheshire Horse, we want to help you stay protected, no matter what discipline you ride! We carry a full selection of ASTM/SEI-certified helmets that are specifically designed to appeal to Western and trail riders.

Available from trusted brands like Troxel and Charles Owen, these helmets offer all the protection against concussions, head trauma, and traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) in the case of fall. These low-profile helmets are lightweight with extensive ventilation, allowing them to be extremely comfortable both on the trail and in the ring.

The Troxel Sierra Helmet sports a leather exterior, which gives it a rugged-all terrain look. It is also the perfect choice to match to your favorite pair of chaps for a show ring ready look. Speaking of the show ring, did you know that helmets are legal to wear in all disciplines? You no longer need to sacrifice safety and wear a Western hat in the show pen in pursuit of fashion.

The Troxel TX Helmet and the Troxel Dakota Helmet have removable linings that you can throw right in the washing machine. Combined with their exterior Duratech finish, which is nearly impossible to scratch, and a lightweight visor for superior sun protection, these helmets are popular among our customers who are trail riders and endurance riders.

A helmet can only be effective if it fits properly. Read our blog to learn how to select the correctly sized helmet for you.

If you have questions or need help fitting a trail or Western helmet, please reach out to our experienced sales staff. We want to help keep you safe in the saddle!