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3 Results

After the end of a long day at the barn, sitting down on the couch and picking up the remote is a simple pleasure. If you are a visual learner, our library of DVD videos is beneficial for learning new skills and new equestrian theories from the comfort of your home. From topics including bits, saddle fit, and equipment questions to general horsemanship, training, and mastering riding finesse, we have a DVD on our shelves that will increase your knowledge.

No matter what discipline you ride, the communication between you and your horse may benefit from a Myler bit. Learn more about the Myler bitting philosophy and begin to understand the Myler Bit Levels with the Myler The Level Best for Your Horse Book and DVD set. Whether you compete in Western, hunter/jumper, dressage, or saddle seat, you will be amazed at how this information revolutionizes how you "speak" to your horse.

Join Stacy Westfall in the Whoa! Teach Your Horse To Stop DVD to hone your horse's brakes. Showcasing four different horses at four different training levels, this natural horsemanship phenom trainer clearly explains how to improve the halt with the bridle, verbal cues, and leg cues.

DVDs make wonderful gifts, for adult riders and young equestrians alike! If you have any questions about the videos that we carry or would like assistance in making your purchase, we invite you to reach out to our experienced sales staff, who are well versed with all of our titles.