3 Results
3 Results

When it comes to clipping ears and trimming muzzles, full sized clippers can be a little unwieldy. For these small, touch-up jobs, we recommend a pair of trimming clippers. These petite clippers are quiet and easy to maneuver in tight spaces and hard to reach places. Battery powered trimmers are normally cordless, which adds to their convenience.

We carry a number of quality trimmers from trusted equestrian brands like Andis and Oster. If you are looking for a rechargeable trimmer, the Oster Cordless Equine Trimmer and the Andis Power Trim Cordless allow you to clip multiple horses on a single charge.

For touch-ups before a competition, the Tail Tamer Horse Nose Shavers are a perennial favorite. Quickly shave your way to a smooth muzzle before you enter the ring. Many of our customers who actively compete keep one or two of these in their grooming kit.

Trimmers are perfect for quick touch-ups as well as introducing skittish horses to clippers. For larger jobs such as trimming legs or body clipping, we suggest corded clippers, cordless clippers, or full body clippers. If you have any questions about selecting the correct clippers for your situation or would like assistance in making your purchase, we invite you to reach out to a member of our knowledgeable sales staff who all have years of hands-on horse experience.