Grooming Wipes

4 Results
4 Results

Are you looking for a convenient way to clean your horse's face and ears? Grooming cloths and grooming wipes are an easy way to wash the delicate areas of your horse without frightening or spooking them. We carry grooming cloths from Epona and Equine Comfort to help you bathe and groom your horse.

Whether you are spot cleaning your horse or giving them a full-blown bath, the Epona Scrubby Bath Cloth is an indispensable tool. It allows you to apply shampoo in a targeted area, while scrubbing the coat clean. We especially love them for cleaning white legs and markings. As an added bonus, horses love their massaging effect!

After a heavy workout, there is nothing that your horse will enjoy more than a good rubdown. Not only will good old-fashioned elbow grease remove sweat, dirt, and loose hair, but it will provide your equine companion with a much-needed mini-massage to their sore muscles as well. The Equine Comfort Products Wipe Down Horse Grooming Cloth leaves your horse's coat shiny and dust-free, while eliminating any accumulated dried sweat.

We want to help you select the proper grooming products for your horse. Contact a member of our friendly sales staff if you have any questions about grooming cloths or would like assistance in making your purchase.