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Before you head outside, doctors and other health care professionals recommend that you apply SPF, and the same is true for your horse. Equine sunscreen helps to protect your horse from the harmful rays of the sun and aids in preventing sun bleaching and sunburns. We carry an assortment of sunscreens for horses from quality equestrian manufacturers like Jacks, Tail Tamer, and Healthy HairCare in order to offer your equine well rounded protection during the summer months.

If your horse has white facial markings or other areas of pink skin, they are especially prone to sunburns on these delicate areas. Tail Tamer Mug Balm is a thick lotion that is specifically formulated to block the rays of the sun; it also goes double duty, repelling flies and other biting insects.

Prevent sun bleached manes and tails with an application of equine sunscreen conditioner, such as Guaranteed Horse Products Magic Mane & Tail. Not only do these innovative products create a soft and tangle free mane and tail, but they also provide a protective barrier from the sun.

For dark colored horses, like black bays and seal browns, the bleaching of the coat can be an unsightly occurrence. A sun damaged coat can become brittle and weak. Utilize a sunscreen spray, like Healthy HairCare Sunflower Sunscreen, when turned out or when being ridden outside to maintain a shiny coat that is full of vivid color.

Sunscreen is essential during the summer months, whether you are an equine or an equestrian. If you have any questions about the products that we sell, we invite you to consult with our experienced and friendly sales associates.