Fleece Coolers

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11 Results

In cool weather, it is essential that your horse stays warm as he is drying off, either from a bath or after a hard workout. Cold horses who are left to air dry can develop tight muscles, particularly over the back and hindquarters, and they are prone to colic and hyperthermia. Fleece coolers can be a lifesaver in the winter and late fall, allowing your horse to cool off slowly while the dampness is able to evaporate (if your horse is extremely wet or sweaty, we recommend first removing as much moisture from your horse as possible with a sweat scraper or stable cloth).

We carry a number of different fleece coolers from quality equine manufacturers such as Horseware, Schneiders, Waldhausen, and WeatherBeeta. We even carry small foal sizes with the Schneiders Foal Warmer Fleece Sheet, which is great to have in your birthing kit to help your new addition safely dry off after birth.

Unlike the wool coolers of yesteryear, fleece coolers are completely machine washable, making them much easier to have around the barn. In extremely cold temperatures, these fleece blankets can also double as another layer under an additional blanket to ensure that your horse stays warm despite what the thermometer says.

For full-body coverage after a bath or rinse, the Weatherbeeta Combo Neck Fleece Cooler covers your horse from bridlepath to tail. The wicking fleece helps your horse dry quickly while the surcingle hold the cooler securely in place.

The iconic stripes of the Horseware Rambo Newmarket Fleece Sheet are instantly recognizable to many equestrians. This high quality cooler is extremely durable and functional, making it a perennial favorite among our customers.

Just like any piece of horse clothing, coolers are safer and more effective when they are properly sized. Refer to our blog to learn how to measure your horse correctly, or reach out to a member of our knowledgeable sales staff if you have any questions on the products that we carry or purchasing the correct size for your horse.