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4 Results
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When Old Man Winter rolls in, he often brings whole lot of nasty weather. Keeping our horses comfortable in the winter can be a difficult task for the equestrian, especially during times of rapid temperature changes. We are constantly looking for ways to aid our customers in caring for their horses, which is why we are pleased to carry a complete selection of blanket liners and blanket bibs.

Blanket liners are a great way to combat temperature changes. The ideal layer under a stable blanket or turnout sheet, they offer warmth without a lot of bulk. Our blanket liners from Horseware and Schneiders come in a wide variety of sizes and weights so that we can help you fit every horse and weather pattern.

The Horseware Blanket Liner conveniently clips to your horse's exterior blanket, allowing it to stay in place without any additional straps which may irritate your horse. This makes it extremely easy to put on and take off, saving valuable time as you are blanketing a full barn of horses. Please note that most blanket liners are not designed to be worn by themselves and need to have an additional blanket to secure them.

If your is prone to blanket rubs, you first want to make sure that he or she is wearing a properly sized blanket. Learn how to determine the ideal size on our blog. If your horse's blanket fits and they are still experiencing rubs, they make be sensitive to the material. Try using a blanket bib, such as the Shires Satin Anti-Rub Bib or the Equifit Blanket Bib, to alleviate pressure points and discourage shoulder rubs.

Liners and bibs are easy to wash, making them a busy equestrian's best friend. Toss them in the washing machine between wearings and they will be ready to go the next time a polar vortex rolls into town.