Bandage Accessories

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2 Results

Keep your tack room organized and your bandage materials properly stored with our selection of bandaging accessories. From racks to rollers and everything in between, we will keep your leg wrap supplies ready to go, whether you use them daily or just in the event of an emergency.

Wrap racks keep your pillow wraps, standing wraps, and polo wraps neatly contained and out of the way while ensuring that they stay securely rolled. Bandage racks come in a variety of different styles; many are mounted to the wall while others are free-standing. Consider looking into a powder-coated metal or wooden option to eliminate the chance of rust and therefore staining of your wraps.

If you wrap your horse's legs on a regular basis, you can make your life a bit easier with a wrap roller. These convenient apparatuses, like the Jack's Bandage Roller, make it a breeze to quickly and tightly re-roll wraps after use or after being washed. This is a must-have addition to any tack room in a busy barn. Not only does it save time, it makes sure that you have perfectly rolled wraps every time.

Do you bandage your horse's legs? If you are looking for more information on leg wraps and horse boot options, we invite you to refer to our blog. For additional information about any of the products that we carry, please reach out to our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff who would be delighted to assist you in your purchase.