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4 Results
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Notoriously picky by nature, it can be hard to convince many horses to eat their medication. Many of us have tried the time-tested methods of mixing pills and powders with molasses or honey, but sometimes our horses are a bit too smart for their own good. Sometimes, in order to have your horse eat their prescribed dosage, you need to break out the big guns.

We carry a variety of pill crushers and syringes to help you ensure that your horse is receiving the medicine that your veterinarian has prescribed. Easy to use and relatively mess free, you will soon realize why many equestrians turn to syringes anytime they need to administer any sort of medication.

After crushing your horse's pills in the handy Pill Crusher from Duravet, you are ready to go. Mix the powder with water, or a bit of apple juice or applesauce to help trick your horse in thinking that you are really giving them a tasty treat. Then simply load the paste in one of our disposable syringes, like the Piston Syringe or the America Acres Sure Grip Oral Medication Syringe, or the reusable Ideal Instruments Drencher Nylon Syringe. Administer the paste into the corner of your horse's mouth, by the back of the tongue, and press the plunger to dispense the medication. Make sure that you watch your horse to ensure that they have swallowed completely.

Syringes are also a great option if you need to rinse your horse's mouth out, for instance due to a dental ailment. They are extremely versatile tools for the equestrian. Pick up an extra to keep in your feed room… you'll be happy that you did!

When it comes to your horse and their health concerns, we make it a top priority. If our experienced sales staff can assist you in way, please don't hesitate to reach out to us!