Repellent Apparel

3 Results
3 Results

Let us put a bug in your ear about the hotness new insect control product… repellent apparel. These convenient products bring the pest control to you, so you can focus more about riding your horse and less about the biting insects.

We carry Rescue GoClip Mosquito, Biting Flies and Tick Repellent which quickly clips to your clothing and does the rest of the work from there. These all natural products utilize essential oils to deter mosquitoes, flies, and other biting insects from bothering you, your horse, and your pet. Try clipping to your shirt or hat, your dog's collar, or your horse's halter for up to two weeks of uninterrupted pest control. It truly doesn't get any easier than this! These are ideal for sensitive horses that may not be able to handle having fly spray or spot-on treatments directly applied to them.

Not just for use around the barn, many of our customers use repellent wear while jogging, gardening, or attending picnics. No matter what brings you outside, consider using repellent wear products to make your time more enjoyable. With all natural products and no chemicals, they are safe for everyone to use, including pets, young children, and elderly adults.

Learn how repellent apparel can revolutionize your pest control approach. Speak to our educated and experienced sales staff to learn how to integrate these products into your existing insect management.