Soaking Boots

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3 Results
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Traditionally, soaking a horse's hoof makes quite a mess and takes ample amount of patience. After all, convincing 1,000 pound animal with a mind of its own to stand in a bucket is no easy task. We're here to tell you that there is a better way.

Soaking boots are a wonderful alternative to using a rubber tub. These boots attach right to your horse's foot or leg and stay put, no matter how much your horse may dance around on the cross ties. We carry a selection of soaking boots in a number of different styles. The Equine Technologies CleanTrax Hoof Boot and the Step N Soak 911 come up over the horse's leg. This allows you to deeply submerge the hoof and coronary band. These boots are the perfect solution when soaking for abscesses that have travelled up the hoof wall and may blow from the coronary band. They are also effective to use with hoof disinfectants in the case of a bacterial infection.

For safety reasons, it is still essential to monitor your horse while while wearing soaking boots that cover a large portion of the leg. We do not recommend having your horse wear them while in their stall or turned out.

For soaking the sole of the hoof, we have shorter options available. The Easycare EasySoaker Hoof Boot and the Davis Horse Boot are manufactured of hard durable plastic. They are useful for continuous soaking (your horse can wear these around the clock with supervision) and applying medications to the sole of the hoof. These boots are also great for poulticing or even keeping bandages inside of them dry in inclement weather. Because of their rigid plastic design, make sure that you measure your horse's hoof prior to ordering to ensure you are buying the correct size.

If you have questions about which soaking boot is right fit for your horse and your situation, our experienced sales staff would be happy to assist you.