3 Results
3 Results

Encourage your cat to pounce, jump, run, and play with our selection of balls. Designed to help your cat get in touch with his wild side, chasing balls keeps your cat active while helping to eliminate boredom. Play time is important; many studies suggest that cats who routinely engage in lively activities are less likely to suffer from feline obesity.

We carry an assortment of balls for cats from trusted pet supply companies including All for Paws, Ethical Products, OurPets, and Petstages. From small kittens to senior cats, many cats are intrigued by a ball skittering across the floor. Some of these affordable cat toys are even infused with catnip to further stimulate your cat’s senses.

The right ball for your cat should be light enough for them to easily carry around, yet not so small that they can fit the entire ball in their mouth. We recommend that you purchase balls which are specifically developed to be durable enough to withstand your cat’s claws and teeth. 

Enjoy some quality time with your frisky feline by purchasing them a new ball to play with. Our experienced, cat-loving staff is always available to answer all of your questions you may have about the cat toys that we carry and can assist you in making your cat-sized ball purchase.