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6 Results

Get playful with your cat with a new teaser toy. These simple cat toys are attached to a long rod, allowing your to keep your hands away from any errant claws while you horse around with your feline friend.

Playing with your cat does more than just strengthen the bond between you, it also taps into your cat’s inner instinct to hunt. Utilizing a teaser cat toy, you can encourage your cat to jump, leap, pounce, twist, bat, and run. Keeping your cat active not only helps to eliminate boredom, it also decreases the likelihood of your cat suffering from feline obesity.

We carry a variety of cat teasers from trusted pet supply brands including Catit, Ethical Products, and Petlinks. A teaser for cats is made from a stick and a long string with a toy dangling from it. Use the stick to maneuver the toy, feather, or catnip plush and keep it just out of your cat’s reach. The increased interaction with you and the thrill of the hunt is sure to drive your kitty crazy with excitement.

Many playful and excitable cats and kittens love to play with their humans with teaser toys. In addition to our teasers, we also carry a complete selection of balls, plush toys, mice, catnip toys, and interactive toys to accommodate every feline personality. Check in with a member of our friendly cat-loving staff to determine which of our many cat toys will make your cat purr with pleasure.