Food Rolls

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6 Results

Dog food rolls are a convenient way to supply your canine companion with high quality nutrition at every meal. In addition to being a complete diet for dogs of all ages, small slices of dog food rolls may be used as a nutritional training treat, pill concealer, dog food topper, or nutritional supplement.

Made from human-grade ingredients, our quality dog food rolls do not contain any corn, wheat, soy products, or fillers. Additionally, they are completely free of carageenan, a thickening agent which is used in many other dog foods. 

The whole food proteins provide complete amino acids, which promote strong musculature and bones. The low temperature cooking method of the RedBarn rolls helps to prevent protein denaturation. Flax seeds add omega-3 fatty acids for shiny coats and healthy skin.

Rolled dog food is extremely convenient to feed. Simply slice off an appropriate portion for your dog’s needs. Unopened rolls are easy to store and do not require refrigeration. After dog food rolls have been open, they must be refrigerated (or frozen for later use).

Learn more about selecting the right food for your dog on our blog post, Everything You Need to Know about Dog & Cat Nutrition. For a personalized recommendation based on your dog’s individual dietary requirements, contact a member of our highly trained sales staff for a complimentary canine nutrition consultation.