Ear Tags

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3 Results

Identifying the members of your herd is essential for many reasons. Whether you are keeping breeding records, planning routine medical care, or determining which cow to bring to market, keeping track of your individual animals is a requirement for every livestock owner. 

There are several easy and permanent solutions to livestock identification. Ear tagging and ear tattoos are popular among many cattle, goat, and sheep farmers

We carry products for ear tagging and tattooing cattle from trusted farm supply brands including Allflex and Ketchum Manufacturing.

Ear tagging is akin to ear piercing in humans. A tag with essential information is inserted into the outer edge of the ear using a tagging gun, also referred to as a tagger. Generally, livestock owners use colors, numbers, or a combination of both to keep track of the individual animal.

When tattooing cattle, generally both ears are tattooed. Traditionally, the stud code or farm code is tattooed in the right ear while the year or year letter as well as the individual calf number is imprinted into the left ear. To tattoo the animal, the ear is thoroughly cleaned, then tattooing paste is applied, and then the tattoo instrument is used on the animals ears. Finally, additional paste is rubbed into the imprinted puncture to ensure a long lasting tattoo.

Livestock identification is key to healthy livestock. By utilizing permanent identification practices, you can maintain proper records and easily keep track of your herd. If you have any questions regarding ear tagging and cattle tattooing, we encourage you to speak with a member of our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff who have years of hands on experience with the products that we carry.