Weight Tapes

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5 Results

A weight tape is an easy and economical way to estimate the weight of your livestock. Simply wrap the weight tape around the girth of your animal, then read off the measurement where the tape intersects with itself. A weight tape will not give you an exact measurement, although they provide a close estimate when properly used.

We carry appropriate weight tapes for beef cattle, dairy goats, hogs, and dairy cows from the trusted livestock supply company Coburn. These soft, yet durable tapes are also extremely versatile; the opposite side allows you to measure the height of your animals. 

Keep a weight tape on hand in your barn to make it easy to give you livestock correct dosages of dewormers and medications. They also allow you to monitor the weight of your livestock and address their feeding program if they are gaining or losing weight rapidly. It is recommended that if you use a weight tape to keep an eye on your animal’s weight that the same person measures the animal each time due to inconsistencies in use.

Inexpensive, yet highly versatile, a quality weight tape is an essential piece of livestock equipment. If you have any questions regarding the procedure for using a weight tape or would like additional information on the measurement tapes that we carry, we encourage you to speak with a member of our highly-trained and experienced sales staff.