Blinkers & Hoods

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6 Results

Help your horse focus and avoid distractions with a set of blinkers, sometimes also referred to as blinders. These simple pieces of tack prevent your horse from seeing behind them, as well as to the side in certain situations. Blinkers and blinker hoods are commonly worn with schooling driving horses and when introducing spooky horses to scary situations. They are also seen at horse shows on Roadsters, both in the under saddle and to bike classes.

We carry plastic blinker cups and synthetic blinker hoods in a number of configurations from the popular equestrian brand Jacks. The blinker cups attach to the blinker hood with laces, making it easy to replace cups as needed. We carry soft nylon/silk blinker hoods which are comfortable to your horse, and the hook and loop closure system makes it easy for you to secure the hood to your horse's head. The thin material fits underneath your horse's halter or bridle without compromising the fit.

We also carry full blinder cups which completely block the vision in that particular eye. These are traditionally worn with horses are rehabilitating from an eye injury and may be exceedingly sensitive to light and to the sun. Full blinder cups are also available in clear, shatterproof plastic to prevent dust and other debris from entering your horse's eye if they have been injured or are particularly sensitive.

Utilize blinkers to safely work around your horse and blinders to help your horse rehab from injury. If you have questions regarding the blinker sets that we carry or would like assistance making your blinder hood purchase, we encourage you to speak with a highly-trained member of our friendly sales team.