Measuring Tapes & Sticks

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2 Results

"How big is your horse?" It's a common question which many equestrians are asked. To get a precise measurement, we suggest using a measuring tape or a measuring stick. Horses and ponies are measured in hands (every hand equals four inches), and these equine measuring device conveniently use hands so you don't need to do any additional math!

For the most accurate measurement possible, use a measurement stick with a level. Have a helpful barnmate hold your horse on flat ground, and measure your horse to the top of the withers. Use the level to ensure that you are not angling the measurement arm up or down. Typically, it is much easier to get an exact measurement with a stick than it is with a measurement tape.

Measurement tapes are small, economical, and easy to store. Simply measure your horse from the ground to the withers for a quick idea of your horse's height. The Shires Horse Measuring Tape is marked with inches, centimeters, and hands, making it a versatile tool around the barn.

There are many reasons for wanting an accurate measurement for your horse. Whether is for your own knowledge or to ascertain if your horse or pony is eligible for certain division, we have the appropriate measurement products in our stores or online inventory. Our helpful and friendly sales staff is always available to answer any questions you may have about the equine measurement tools that we carry or to assist you in making your purchase.