Neck Cradles & Bibs

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5 Results

We carry two main styles of bibs, rubber bibs which attach to the halter and soft bibs which adhere to your horse's blanket.

Rubber bibs prevents your horse from chewing on blankets, gnawing on bandages, and irritating wounds. By restricting the use of the lower lip, your horse is not able to chew on anything, yet it does not inhibit the horse from eating hay or grain normally. Depending on the horse, bibs may also be used as a cribbing deterrent. We carry rubber horse bibs from trusted equestrian brands including Jacks and Intrepid International. These bibs are a must-have piece of horse equipment around the barn for blanket destroyers, bandage eaters, and horses on stall rest.

Soft bibs are worn underneath your horse's blanket and cushion the shoulders and the chest from blanket rubs. Blanket bibs are useful for taking the pressure of the blanket off the chest and relieving the stress from the buckles or straps while minimizing blanket shifting. Many horses can benefit from wearing a bib, including those who are prone to blanket rubs or horses who are blanketed heavily over the course of the winter. With options from Equi-Fit and Shires, we have a variety of styles, sizes, and thicknesses to provide your horse with ample protection and comfort.

Shop our selection of rubber horse bibs and horse blanket bibs. Our experienced sales staff is always available to answer any questions you may have and assist you in finding the right bib for your horse and your situation.