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11 Results
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Frank M. Andrews, DVM, MS, Dipl. ACVIM, estimates that 93% of performance horses have suffered with ulcers at one point in their career. Looking at those odds, you have most likely owned or ridden a horse with equine gastric ulcer syndrome (EGUS).

You may suspect ulcers if your begins to exhibit symptoms like: lack of energy; weight loss; irritability and resistance while being ridden; loss of appetite; behavioral changes; or signs of discomfort while being brushed.

Horses with ulcers present in a number of different ways, but the only way to definitively diagnose your horse is to have your veterinarian perform a gastroscopy. "Scoping" allows your vet to observe the presence of any ulceration as well as the severity of the lesions (please note that your vet will not be able to locate hind gut ulcers with a scope).

There are many reasons why a horse may develop ulcers. Some of these include: frequent travel; exposure to stressful situations, such as competitions; lack of turnout; increased feeding of concentrates (grain); and intermittent feeding of forage. If your horse is exposed to any of these conditions, they are at risk for ulcers.

Fortunately, The Cheshire Horse has an extensive selection of supplements that may help prevent ulcers in horses. With brands such as Animed, Cavalor, Finish Line, Freedom Health, and Merial, you can be assured that you horse is receiving the gastric support that he needs. Our supplements are available in powder, pellet, liquid, and paste form to ensure that even the pickiest of eaters is satisfied.

For horses who are faced with stressful situations, UlcerGard Oral Paste is a great way to help them combat them. When used before trailering or competing, this omeprazole paste can limit stomach acid production. If you are looking for long term prevention, the Succeed Digestive Conditioning System will help your horse to maintain digestive health and well being, while maximizing performance potential.

In true Cheshire Horse fashion, we also carry horse treats that are specially formulated for ulcer prone horse. Put a bag of Unilife Stomach Treat for Digestive Disorders in your cart today!

Ulcers are a big deal when it comes to performance. Let us help you help your horse. Contact our experienced sales staff for ulcer supplement recommendations.