Western Dee Bits

5 Results
5 Results

When you think of Western riding, you probably also think of a curb bit, but let's shake that up. At The Cheshire Horse, we carry an assortment of Western snaffles that are suitable for both training rides and competition in Western tack. Working on the bars of the mouth instead of utilizing poll and chin pressure, snaffle bits are often preferred over curb bits when starting a green horse or teaching a horse a new skill. Snaffles can be particularly useful when teaching a young horse to steer.

With Western Dee-Rings from Myler and Weaver Leather, our selection allows you to pick the right mouthpiece for your horse. Many green horses respond well to the Weaver Sweet Iron Copper Inlay Offset Dee Bit and the Myler Level One Stainless Steel Western Dee with Sweet Iron Comfort Snaffle. Both of these options help to educate the horse to the feeling of the bit, while learning about rein aids and beginning to jog and lope quietly.

For horses who are a bit more advanced in their under saddle training, we often recommend the Myler Level Two Stainless Steel Western Dee with Sweet Iron Twisted Snaffle or the Myler Level Two Stainless Steel Western Dee with Sweet Iron Low Port Comfort Snaffle. Both of these bits help to fine-tune your horse's response to the rein aids and help to prepare them for a curb bit and neck reining.

Depending on your division, a Western Dee-Bit may be legal for competition. Be sure to refer to your association's rulebook or consult with a steward if you have any questions regarding the legality of your equipment.

We are here to help make purchasing a bit for your horse a smooth experience! Consult our blog or speak with one of our knowledgeable sales associates for more information.