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How to Choose the Best Hoof Boots for your Horse

Hoof boots provide an excellent alternative to traditional horse shoes. “The benefits are that boots are removable, offer complete coverage, are flexible, allow loading of the entire foot, provide true axial loading when needed, and allow traction to be varied daily or hourly as conditions change,” says farrier Pete Ramey. Some hoof boots can be used in combination with shoes as well as a barefoot hoof.

People’s shoes come in a multitude of varieties for different uses. Hoof boots should be thought of in the same way. This guide will help you choose the best hoof boots for your horse.

We carry a variety of hoof boots, with most from EasyCare (the Easyboot) and Cavallo. Easyboots come in regular and wide sizes. The regular size tends to fit a narrower hoof, and the wide size tends to fit a rounder hoof. Cavallo hoot boots come in a regular sole and a slim sole. The slim has a narrower fit, and the regular has a rounder fit.

Easyboot Trail

Easyboot Trail

Perfect for the casual rider (less than 25 miles per week), this boot is the easiest hoof boot in the world to apply and remove. The boot opens up completely to easily slip on and off over most hoof shapes and sizes throughout the trim cycle. The rear double Velcro attachment protects the entire hoof wall and keeps the boot firmly in place.


Easyboot GloveEasyboot Glove

Ideal for the well-maintained, rasped barefoot hoof, this form-fitting, seamless boot hugs the hoof and responds like a natural foot. Flexible and tough, it adds traction to the hoof while allowing a free stride. Clings to the wall so that debris stays out of the boot even through sandy and muddy conditions.


Note: The Cheshire Horse has an Easyboot Flove Fit Kit at our New Hampshire store available for customer use. This allows you to fit your horse’s hooves before purchasing boots. Get the best fit possible without the inconvenience of buying and returning boots!

Easyboot Glove Back Country

This boot takes the best features of the Easyboot Glove and combines them with the Easyboot Trail. The Glove Back Country pairs the form-fitting Glove chassis with the easy to secure upper modeled after the Trail. It can even be converted into an Easyboot Glove.



Easyboot EpicEasyboot Epic

Ideal boot for aggressive conditions or for a horse that is difficult to keep booted, the Easyboot Gaiter attaches to this boot and provides extra protection to the hoof and prevents excess dirt and debris from entering the boot. It also helps secure the boot in extreme conditions such as mud, snow and water crossings.



New Mac All Purpose Hoof BootNew Mac All Purpose Hoof Boot

A great option for pleasure riding (less than 25 miles per week), this boot can also serve as a therapy boot. It has a unique high tech performance outsole and incorporates the patented Hoof Suspension™ System. The Thermo Plastic Urethane (TPU) compound minimizes concussion and shortens recovery time for horses with concussion-related injuries


EasyCare Comfort Pads

EasyCare Comfort Pads

Use EasyCare Comfort Pads to increase solar support for your horse. This helps both sound and unsound horses move correctly. These pads can also help improve the fit of a hoof boot, much like a saddle pad. They can be used in hoof boots to help transition a horse from shod to barefoot, or as an aid in the treatment of laminitis, navicular, and other hoof ailments.


Cavallo Simple Hoof BootCavallo Simple Hoof Boot

This multi-purpose hoof boot is excellent for protecting your barefoot horse’s hooves on hard, rough terrain. It’s great for for comfort for chronic pain or hoof sensitivity, rehabilitation from injuries, abscesses, navicular disease, laminitis, punctures, sole bruising, and contracted heels. It can be used for protection during trailering or taken on the trail as a “spare tire” for lost shoes.


Cavallo Sport Hoof BootCavallo Sport Hoof Boot

Consider this boot a running shoe for your horse! Provide secure footing for all horse sports, such as cross training, ring rides, jumping, and even for lost shoes. This simple, quick-fastening boot is lightweight and stays securely on the hoof. Durable construction including waterproof thread, rustproof metal, and high performance TPU outsole make this boot a perfect choice for both front and hind.


Cavallo Trek Hoof BootCavallo Trek Hoof Boot

This lightweight all terrain boot fits most hoof types. It is similar to the other Cavallo hoof boots in that it is available in both the slim and regular sole. The slim sole will fit narrower hooves, and the regular will fit wider and rounder hooves. The features of the soles of these boots include great drainage, front closure, and padding toward the rear of the heel for over-reaching. It also features a soft upper edge for comfort. The front closure is replaceable, and a spare set is included with each pair of Trek Hoof Boots.


Cavallo Simple Boot Gel Insole

Cavallo Gel Pads

You can purchase these gel pads from Cavallo to add extra comfort to your hoof boots. They are especially useful when making the transition from traditional horse shoes to barefoot, or while riding on aggressive terrain or longer distances, or for rehabilitation during an injury. The pliable nature of gel stimulates blood flow and circulation, which can speed up the healing process and increase hoof growth. One size fits all, and sold in pairs.



Your hoof boots can be studded with the EasyCare Quick Studs and Quick Stud Application Tool, or the Cavallo Simple Studs and Simple Studs Applicator Tool. These are very easy to install and remove, and they are great for use in conditions that require a little extra grip, such as mud or ice.


Shop our full section of EasyCare products and Cavallo products on our website.

Fit is Everything

Hoof boots must fit well to be useful and provide comfort. Some boots are sold individually, while others are sold in pairs. Those that are sold individually will generally offer a closer more personalized fit since they can be tailored to each individual hoof. Generally, hoof boots from EasyCare tend to fit a narrower hoof, while those from Cavallo fit a rounder hoof.

Measuring for Easyboots

2014-08-easyboot-measuring1. After a fresh trim, measure the width of the hoof (green line).

2. Measure the length of the hoof from the toe to the buttress line of the heel.

3. Compare your measurement with the appropriate size chart.

Note: Each boot style has its own unique size chart. If you are fitting an Easyboot Glove, width and length must fall into the same size category.

See the full Measuring Guide

Measuring for Cavallo Hoof Boots


Download the Measuring Chart

The Cheshire Horse was named EasyCare’s Dealer of the Month for July 2014! We have been carrying EasyCare products since we first opened our doors in 1997. Read more about the Dealer of the Month honor on the EasyCare blog.



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