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11 Results
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The Cheshire Horse carries a full assortment of food storage containers to ensure that your pet food will stay fresh as long as possible. These innovative pet food storage options protect your pet's food from the effects of air, sunlight, and excess moisture. They also keep uninvited rodent guests from snacking on your animal's kibble, while also preventing your pet from overindulging.

With storage products for dry pet food, wet pet food, and even pet treats, we have everything you need to keep your pet's food fresh and delicious. Shop our pet food storage options from trusted farm supply brands including Van Ness and Vittles Vault. With many sizes and options availables, you can find the right airtight unit to organize and contain your dog food, cat food, exotic pet food, and small animal food. The durable plastic construction of these containers also makes cleaning them a quick and easy task.

We even carry pet food scoops so that you can perfectly portion your companion's rations every time.

We search for just the right pet foods, spending countless hours analyzing ingredients and formulas in order to determine what your friend will be eating. How much thought have you put into how you store the feed after you purchase it? Our collection of pet food containers ensures that your pet's food has the same great taste and nutritional value from the first bite to the last morsel.

If you have questions regarding the pet food storage solutions that we carry or would like assistance choosing the best storage container for your pet's food, we encourage you to speak with a member of our friendly and pet-loving sales staff.