Western Saddle Accessories

45 Results
45 Results

Your saddle is a big investment, both monetarily and emotionally. At The Cheshire Horse, we carry a wide array of Western saddle accessories to protect your saddle and keep it performing optimally for both you and your horse.

Safeguard your saddle from dust, moisture, and uninvited pests with a quality Western saddle cover or Western saddle bag. By acting as a shield against the elements while your saddle is in storage, these bags assist you in keeping your saddle in top condition. Many of the saddle bags and covers that we carry are lined to prevent scratches from inadvertently occuring.

Enjoy your ride to the fullest with a Western saddle seat cushion. These specialized pads are contoured to fit the seat of your saddle and help eliminate pressure points while you ride without damaging your saddle. Equestrians of all ages and skill sets find that fleece, gel, and technical fabric seat cushions increase their enjoyment and comfort in the saddle. Shop our Western seat pads from your favorite equestrian brands including ThinLine, Weaver Leather, Lami-Cell, and Fleeceworks.

On extended trail rides or long days in the saddle, it is necessary to pack water, snacks, first aid materials, and other provisions. We carry a selection of saddlebags, including cantle packs, pommel bags, and even water bottle holders. These durable saddlebags from trusted Western manufacturers such as Triple E Manufacturing, Weaver Leather, and Fleeceworks, attach directly to your saddle’s dee rings and horn, keeping them secure while you focus on riding your horse on the upcoming terrain.

We also carry a number of Western saddle repair pieces and replacement parts, including saddle strings, Western dee rings, Blevins buckles, and skirting leather fender hobbles.

If you have any questions regarding the Western saddle supplies that we carry or would like assistance choosing the best saddlebags for your next adventure, we invite you to speak with a member of our friendly and highly-trained sales staff.