Livestock Fly Control

18 Results
18 Results

Keep your livestock healthy, comfortable, and free from flies with our selection of fly control sprays and products. Mosquitos, flies, and other biting insects do more than pester your herd, they can also cause extreme skin irritation and carry harmful diseases.

We carry fly sprays, stable sprays, fly dust, and livestock-safe fly bombs from trusted farm supply companies including Bonide, Durvet, and Wondercide. Protect your beef cattle, dairy cattle, goats, sheep, hogs, chickens, alpacas, and other livestock from the nuisance of listed flies, lice, fleas, stable flies, horse flies, face flies, deer flies, house flies, mosquitoes, gnats, ticks, mites, and other flying and crawling insect pests.

Fly spray is a convenient and thorough way to treat the individual animal. Apply fly spray on a daily basis to the animal’s body and face, concentrating on the legs and stomach, to discourage flying insects and parasites from landing on your animal.

For insect infestations in the barn or stable, we recommend a stable spray or a fly bomb. Treat the surfaces and floor of the area with the products and allow them to dry before animals are reintroduced to the area. We love the non-toxic and organic Wondercide Flea & Tick Spray which can be used as a stable spray in addition to a fly spray directly on your animals. We also carry an extensive line of bottles and sprayers to allow you to apply concentrated fly control products and other farm supplies.

Say goodbye to annoying and potentially dangerous biting insects with our fly control products. If you have any questions about the best product to eradicate biting insects in your barn or would like assistance choosing the right fly spray for your livestock, we encourage you to speak with a member of our friendly and very knowledgeable sales staff.